«I'll say it out loud, I'm me. Let's get it crystal clear, I'm not anyone else, I'm obviously wholly myself, with all my contradictions, my limitations, just me.»

Jérôme Baco is a visual artist, author and independent publisher. Deeply rooted in his work is a genuine fascination for human beings in their entirety, flaws and limitations included. Fertile ground as well as unpredictable, they provide endless resources to a fragmented work—between propaganda and realism, between languages, between word and image, between times and places— where the fractures define a scope of possibilities, a dimly perceived abstraction, viscerally sensed, irredeemably insurgent.


SALON DU LIVRE 26.04/28.04.2019 (Author Panel, Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver)

PROTECTING THE LAND 26.10/27.10.2018 (Group Art Show, Allard Hall, UBC, Vancouver)
GALERIE NOMADE 1.0 28.09/30.09.2018 (Group Art Show + Author Panel, MAINalley, Vancouver)
CAFÉ LITTERAIRE (Host) 09.2017/06.2018 (Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver)
WRITE ON VANCOUVER 12.05.2018 (The Promenade, Vancouver Public Library)
IN(DI)VISIBLE 08.12.2017/27.01.2018 (Solo Art Show @ Le Spot, Nîmes, France)
PHARE OUEST 07/08.2017 (Guest Columnist, Ici Radio-Canada Première)
WRITE ON VANCOUVER 13.05.2017 (The Promenade, Vancouver Public Library)
INVISIBLE / FRAGMENTS ART SHOW 19.01/03.03.2017 (Solo Art Show @ Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver)
NEW VOICES 27.02.2017 (Peter Kaye Room, Vancouver Public Library)
CAFÉ LITTERAIRE 20.02.2017 (Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver)
CAFÉ PHILO 09.02.2017 (Le Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver)
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE DEAD TOUR & EXHIBIT 24.10/15.11.2016 (FCA, Granville Island, Vancouver)
FERIA DEL LIBRO EN ESPAÑOL 15.10.2016 (Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver)
INDIE AUTHOR DAY 08.10.2016 (The Promenade, Vancouver Public Library)
WORD VANCOUVER 25.09.2016 (The Underground, Vancouver Public Library)
INVISIBLE BOOK RELEASE 13.05.2016 & ART SHOW 05.2016 (Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver)
INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE DEAD TOUR & EXHIBIT 27.09/08.10.2015 (ECUAD, Granville Island, Vancouver)
ARTEFACTS OF THE DISSENT II 11.2014/02.2015 (MIX, Vancouver)
ARTEFACTS OF THE DISSENT 12.2013/04.2014 (Score On Davie, Vancouver)
ART IN THE CITY 05.2013 (WECC, Vancouver)
DISSENT POP-UP ART SHOW 15.03.2013 (CoalitionSkin, Vancouver)
HIGHER ASPIRATIONS 18.05.2011 (CMMT, Vancouver)